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Chromate Conversion Coating of Aluminum

Chromate conversion coating converts the surface properties of aluminum.  Chromate provides excellent corrosion resistance, is conductive and results in no measureable buildup on the parts.  Chromate is the most common coating for corrosion protection of aluminum.  It is commonly used for an undercoat for paint or adhesive applications due to the excellent bonding properties it provides.

Electro-Plating, Inc. is capable of providing both yellow and clear chromate finishes.  Our yellow chromate is the traditional yellow chromate that contains hexavalent chrome.  The clear chromate we provide is a trivalent chromate that contains no hexavalent chrome and is ROHS compliant.

Electro-Plating, Inc. - Chromate Conversion Capabilities

  • Rack chromate

    • Lengths to 72 inches

    • Widths to 24 inches

  • Small parts mass finish

  • Yellow (traditional hex) and Clear (trivalent & ROHS compliant)

Common Applicable Chromate Specifications

  • MIL-DTL-5541F

  • M041P (Mercury Marine)

  • ASTM B 449

  • SP-870

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