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Electro-Plating, Inc. has a lengthy history of providing high quality cadmium plating for restoration projects such as collector cars, motorcycles, tractors, airplanes, etc (Please check out some examples of our work in our restoration photo galleries).  Whether you’re a competitive high-end restorer or someone who is just looking to put together a nice collector piece, we’d love to help you get your project back to original equipment and looking sharp!

In researching content for this page, we were shocked to see how much fake news was widely spread by restorers about how cadmium plating was no longer available.  Cadmium plating is still available, although it’s true it is getting more expensive and harder to find.  Cadmium plating is superior to zinc plating in corrosion protection and lasting appearance, especially in humid salty environments.  In addition, cadmium plating tends to be the original metal finishing on most older equipment. 


You may need to ship a distance, but rest assured you can still get your project restored correctly by working with Electro-Plating, Inc.  We offer both rack and barrel plating, so we can handle smaller parts like fasteners as well as larger parts.

We frequently get phone call inquiries about restoration projects and the main question that most people ask is "How much will it cost?".  Presently, we now have a $400 minimum charge to work on restoration projects (under a normal turnaround time of 2-4 weeks).  This means even if you only have 1 small bolt to be plated, it will cost you a minimum of $400.  We can do a reasonable amount of plating for that $400 minimum charge, but pricing starts at $400 and goes up from there.  For further pricing guidance, we recommend calling to discuss the project and sending digital pictures to receive a more accurate price estimate.

We do have some guidelines that we need you to work within to allow us to best serve you:

Take some digital pictures of your parts/project and send them to us at  Then call us (800-833-5022) to discuss your project and timeline.  From your pictures and our conversation, we should be able to provide you with a cost estimate and time frame to complete your project.  We will assign you a project ID number that we would like you to include on all communications and mark on all packages that you ship to us.  This ID number will help us identify and keep your parts separate from other projects in our plant.

After this initial communication step, we have more guidelines for working with us and information/requirements for prepping your parts prior to shipment.  Please click to open the PDF document attached below for more details:

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